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Yoga Pants - Yoga

Jan 17, 2017

The word "Yoga", India is from the Sanskrit "Yug" or "yuj", which means "consistent" "combination" or "harmony". Yoga is a system of philosophy, which can help people to fully develop their potential and improve their potential. Yoga posture is an ancient and easy to master the way to improve people's physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of the ability to achieve a harmonious body, mind and spirit of the movement form.

In the world many different places and popular hot yoga, not just a popular or fashionable exercise so simple. Yoga is a very old practice of energy knowledge, integrating philosophy, science and art. The foundation of yoga in ancient India philosophy, thousands of years, psychological, physical and spiritual discipline has become an important part of India culture. The ancient yogis developed the Yoga system, because they believed that through the exercise of the body and the regulation of breathing, the mind and the emotions can be controlled, and the.