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Yoga Pants - Origin

Jan 17, 2017

Yoga originated in India, dating back more than five thousand years of history and culture has been called "the world's treasure". Yoga originated in northern India in the foothills of Himalaya, India ancient yogis practicing physical and mental in nature, inadvertently found a variety of animal and plant natural treatment, relax, sleep, or stay awake, sick without any treatment and natural healing. Therefore, according to the observation and imitation of animals, the practitioners of ancient India created a series of physical and mental exercise system, that is, body posture. These postures after five thousand years of temper, yoga teaches people the cure, for generations of people benefit from.

Thousands of years ago in India, monks are in pursuit of entering the highest realm of heaven, often in the primeval forest destruction, meditation. In the long time of simple life after the monks realized a lot of nature law from the observation of organisms, from the survival of law to verify the human body, gradually to sense the subtle changes in their bodies, so mankind learned to communicate with their bodies, so as to explore their own bodies, to health maintenance and conditioning, and the disease.how heal instinct. Thousands of years of study concludes, gradually derived from this is a complete and exact yoga theory and practical system of fitness regimen.

Archaeologists in India river basin to discover a well preserved pottery, painted above yoga meditation of the characters in form, this pottery dating back at least five thousand years of history, the history of yoga can be traced back to ancient time, simple point, yoga is physical dynamic movement and exercise the soul, is used in everyday life philosophy. Yoga's goal is to use a good understanding of the soul of its own and control, can be familiar with and master the physical senses.