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What Is A T-shirt For Summer Wear?

Jan 17, 2017

1, ordinary cotton cloth with casual T-shirt (XU4DUO1CAI3YONG4) ordinary cotton cloth, the cloth shirt wearing comfortable, but less stiff. Simple wrinkle, easy deformation after launching.

2, cotton cloth feel good, comfortable environment, usually in 160 grams to 300 grams, is too thin to be very transparent, too thick will be hot, usually choose 180-260 weight better, number is usually 21 and 32 branches, the average length of cotton fiber refers to, the higher the soft however, the veil is divided into ordinary yarn, semi fine yarn and fine yarn, carded fabric appearance will contrast rough, especially dark fabric will have white yarn. Fine yarn fabric appearance contrast neat, feel very soft.

3, mercerized cotton mercerized cotton fabric with cotton material as raw material, made by spinning high yarn, and then processing by singeing, mercerizing in particular, made of high quality mercerized yarn bright bright, soft and wrinkle. High quality knitted fabrics made of this material, not only completely retained the natural characteristics of low quality raw cotton, silk luster and is usually the fabric moisture permeability, elasticity and vertical sense of good. In addition, rich patterns, comfortable and casual wear, fully embodies the wearer's temperament and grade.