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What Advice Do You Have For 25-30 Year Old Men's Clothing Brands?

Jan 17, 2017

Must be far away from the bad brand...... The version generally sideways walking effect without a strong physique generally difficult to fit out asians. I bought a piece of clothing POLO college, the upper part of the effect is very strange, basically decided to lose weight after no longer touched.

Just out of work and the body is normal, then preferred to shun their own brand STRIPELY Jun Jun

I want to say the most important form of attention. A few years ago, when I go out to wear a suit to wear It50 code, I think the production version of the foreigner is a good version of the good but the sleeves feel long. Later lost a few pounds can be stuffed into the It46 code finally exposed the shirt cuffs. (how painful to understand)

This is generally the case. Do not recommend specific brands. Hit the brand especially hit the same section in some of the mental labor industry will be very embarrassing thing, usually caused by various levels of contrast. To explore their own for their own brands and models the most important.

Of course, the main problem is if a wild words and "nouveau riche, custom clothing" in this vast world waiting for you to fight.