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Sublimation Sportswear And Other Workmanship

Nov 17, 2020

Sublimation workmanship

Dye-sublimation is the process of using high temperatures to transfer ink onto fabric. Unlike heat-press or screen-printing, sublimation fuses ink into the fabric rather than coating its surface. Sublimated artwork will last the lifetime of the fabric and provides unhindered possibilities on design and colours. All names, numbers and logos can be sublimated onto garments.

We focus on sublimation sportswear, our factory located in Guangzhou China,  Customers are welcome to visit our factory and witness first-hand

Cut and Sew

“Cut and Sew” garments are made using pre-existing fabrics, which are cut to pattern and sewn together. This technique is limited to design and colour options. All Cut and Sew garments have an iconic panelled look, which still suit some customers.

The majority of our services involve sublimation; however, we still take on Cut & Sew projects on a case by case scenario. Please get in touch if you are in need of Cut and Sew garments.


Embroidery is a stich artwork used with needle and thread. Generally used for logos or names, the artwork is digitised then stitched using an embroidery machine.

We offer embroidery on any viable products purchased through Game Clothing however we do not offer exclusive embroidery services on pre-owned items.

Heat Press

A Heat Press transfer is an embellishment where artwork is printed onto an adhesive material then melted on desired fabric. An alternate, cheaper option than embroidery, heat press is usually used for names, logos and playing numbers.

We can offer heat press services for sportswear.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a stencil print technique where ink is coated to areas of a product not exposed by the stencil’s cut-out. Each ink colour (we offer up to three) requires its own stencil and the embellishment is raised upon the garment’s fabric.

We offer Screen printing for most clothing, but usually it is for tshirt, polo shirt, hoodies, tracksuit and so on.