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On The Anti-static Overalls You Must Not Know The Secret

Jan 17, 2017

1, the need to wear anti-static overalls, to use anti-static overalls must have a certain understanding, but also with the special use of the environment, don't wear anti-static overalls all Daquan, without any electrostatic harm. In fact, the performance of anti-static products is different, the work clothes fabrics used mostly for polyester fabric, the fabric itself is easy to produce static electricity type, mainly through the anti-static fiber combination processing to achieve the antistatic effect, but with the long-term use of anti-static clothing, anti-static clothing in the fiber the dust, thus losing the anti-static function. In order to maintain the function of anti-static products, anti-static overalls must be cleaned regularly, such as integrated work clothes are best two times a week was a professional cleaning, and anti-static clothing coat can be washed once a week. In addition, anti-static clothing in addition to regular cleaning, but also must be static index test, if found to exceed the normal range of electrostatic parameters should be replaced in a timely manner to prevent unnecessary accidents.

2, many people do not know the working principle of anti static work clothing, and even put it as a common fixture, that there is no deformation work appearance clothing, anti-static effect can reach normal, including anti-static products as well as other work needs. For example, staff in the use of anti-static wrist strap, the service life of the product is usually only a few months, but it will not deform, only the test in order to determine the attenuation of anti-static function, and the staff was mistaken for the security situation continued to use, this is very dangerous, so the anti-static products enterprises employees should be regularly tested, and timely replacement, to ensure uniform anti-static effect of leakage of supporting, to better protect the safety of employees.