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Is The More Expensive The Fabric In The Custom?

Jan 17, 2017

Fabric is a part of clothing, there is no absolute good and absolute bad fabrics, the final rendering of the most important.

In general, natural fabrics better than synthetic fabrics. This refers to the natural fiber skin permeability, unique texture, as well as the identity behind the price. Synthetic fabrics have two advantages: functionality and price advantage. Function can refer to outdoor sports clothing, price advantage can refer to Taobao explosion.

Correct a misunderstanding: look at the fabric is the composition table. You are not wearing 80% cotton, polyester fiber of about 20%, but a piece of clothing. Visual: shiny, elegant, velvet, texture, drape, stiffness and pendant etc. tactile: for example, smooth, rough, warm feeling: high gloss luxuriant velvet, very warm, very sweet and elegant...... Each fabric has its own characteristics, each feature is not a unique fabric, coupled with a variety of blending, a variety of new treatment methods...... Simply look at the composition table is limited. A variety of fabrics are not one to say, Baidu have. I think the role of composition table is the biggest that something good, and then through the composition table look at the clothes worth, will not be easy to pilling, wrinkling, can wear long......