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Bead Cloth:

Jan 17, 2017

Bead cloth is a knitted fabric organization, ingredients can be blended cotton, cotton, chemical fiber can also be, is the English translation of "PIQUE", so called PK in some areas of Hongkong, Taiwan.

The surface of the cloth with a thin hole shape, like a honeycomb, and more breathable than ordinary knitted fabric breathable, dry and more resistant to washing. Due to its special texture, easy to recognize, so it is also called the "pineapple rob".

Because the sweat bead cloth and not easy deformation, non pilling, usually used for T-shirts, sportswear. Many of the big brands of POLO shirts are made of beads. Even in the brutal day, it could give us a gentle touch, enjoy comfortable. The appearance of soft free, no deformation after washing machine wash, no deformation.