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What is the Thai version of the shirt?

Jan 17, 2017

The so-called Thai version of the Jersey, of course, are not necessarily produced in Thailand jerseys, but for high imitation jerseys (fine imitation jerseys) commonly known, only the best Thai version of the Jersey is the highest title of imitation jerseys (Thailand made the original Thai version). This kind of shirt is initially plate Thai people steal in the real thing processing plants, to study and imitation, then their production, so called the Thai version. Thai version of the shirt is very high degree of simulation, it is almost impossible to identify professionals. This shirt can be done in the style and appearance of the same authentic jersey. Including clothing brand logo, logo embroidery, high-grade imported wicking fabric, Thai version in addition to the version in the shirt dress, appearance and workmanship details and genuine extremely similar, clothes and fabrics, sweat absorbent breathable function is almost similar and genuine jerseys. Thai version is fake.