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Summer swimsuit how to wear

Jan 17, 2017

Skin colour

* fair skinned people, choose cool swimsuit is a good choice.

* darker color, suitable for wearing warm colors of the swimsuit, such as red, orange, yellow and other colors tend to sunlight. Of course, choose white is also a strong self-confidence performance.

Whole body

* people who are too slim should choose a pattern of large flowers or bright colors of the swimsuit, which can make people look more plump.

* short stature: wear styles that figure looks more slender, but need to pay attention to the color in the plain, avoid exaggerated patterns, will make discount because it looks plump slender effect.

* to make themselves look slim, you can wear dark or small floral type swimsuit.


The chest is light *: suitable for wearing a bra or chest disorderly knit design, colorful swimsuit, stressed that the overall transfer line of sight lines.

* breasts: for wearing dark suits, simple design, simple, low cut and chest decoration too much should avoid (if you don't want too ostentatious).