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Quality factors determine China's apparel exports still have the advantage

Jan 17, 2017

With the development of our country's economy, the rise of wages and prices, labor costs are getting higher and higher, a number of labor-intensive products, such as the main road varieties of clothing, exports have lost the price competitiveness. International orders have begun to flow to less developed countries. Because of the low labor cost, the export price of these countries is lower than that of the similar products in our country.

But these countries have also encountered the same as China's early exports of fabric bottlenecks. Since 60s, the author began to engage in export clothing business. Due to the limitations of the production capacity and level of fabric and accessories in China, we could only export some varieties. For a slightly higher grade varieties, you need to rely on processing and feed processing, a little better quality and special varieties are required to import fabrics and fabrics provided by the buyer. After nearly 40 years of development, China's fabric production level to achieve self-sufficiency level. For the textile industry level in less developed countries, they want to expand the clothing exports, especially exports to developed countries with high grade varieties, although with low labor cost advantage, but in the fabric will encounter the same problem -- with China's clothing exports began to expand the lack of high-grade fabrics.