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Genuine Jersey how to maintain?

Jan 17, 2017

1 where there is a hot stamping number or a hot stamping LOGO jerseys, do not put into the washing machine washing and dehydration, please wash by hand. Use detergent or boiling water soak for a long time not to, not to rub the position number LOGO.

Please do not put the 2 drying jersey number in the face of the sun, the correct way is to turn dry shirt. This is conducive to maintenance number.

3 usually do not wear clothes when you try to hang up the number of clothes to avoid damage.

4 if the mark printing part of tilt and off phenomenon, please clean with plastic paper or wax paper (such as: double-sided adhesive tape and back) covered in number and type, with an electric iron for 6 - 10 seconds, if found is not strong, once again hot stamping and prolonging the time. Special note: do not let the iron directly contact the numbers and letters.