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Football maintenance

Jan 17, 2017

The 1 ball to cheer

Usually use water or soapy water.

The needle is inserted into the pump, usually with water or soapy water will be wet. Air drying may damage a needle valve, causing leakage.

A little bit of cheer

Go slowly up, gradually make the ball up. If the device using the compressor or similar to inject a large amount of air bladder valve will conflict with the pin suture, leading to rupture of the ball.

Follow the instructions.

Excessive inflation will lead to deformation or expansion of the ball. To comply with the air pressure on the valve opening. If you adjust the pressure, you can ensure that your Molten ball is in the best condition when you need it most.

2 check the leak

Wash with soap and water

Sand or dust into the valve will easily lead to leakage. Always wash with soap and water. And after cleaning, rinse well.

New ball leak

The first time a boost, there will be air leak out from the pin. This only makes the ball when filling between the bladder and the lining of the air. This is completely normal, does not mean leakage.