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Current characteristics and future trends of domestic apparel industry

Jan 17, 2017

The real development of the domestic garment industry is the last 30 years. So far, it is still a more traditional industry. 2014 industry data show that the market size has exceeded 2 trillion. Online scale 420 billion, accounting for more than 19%, an increase of 41.48%. At present, the number of domestic clothing brands more than 60 thousand, including men's clothing, women's clothing, sportswear, leisure, underwear, home clothes, etc..

Traditional clothing industry is labor-intensive and capital intensive industries, for those who enter the threshold higher. At the same time, the traditional garment industry production level is low, less well-known brands, high-end brands less. Industry characteristics, industry concentration is not high, fierce competition, many brands, the rules are not clear, the market competition is not orderly.

Consumer side, consumers in the choice of clothing brand awareness is growing, the demand for clothing is also getting higher and higher. They are not satisfied with the simple demand, the fashion, the trend, as well as the quality request is higher and higher.

The domestic clothing brand and niche designer brands gradually rise, brand differentiation and market era. Clothing industry enterprises can directly face consumers, make full use of the Internet, optimize the industry structure.